Remember that team earlier this offseason that was reportedly already planning their pitch to lure Stephen Curry away from the Warriors next offseason? Well that mystery team was just delivered some discouraging news.

Stephen Curry answered affirmatively when asked about whether he’s optimistic about returning to the Warriors after this current contract is up.

This is extremely reassuring, especially in the wake of so much speculation regarding whether or not the Warriors would feasibly be able to fit the contracts of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Curry under the salary cap once Curry cashes in next offseason.

Joe Lacob has previously indicated that money isn’t an issue with the front office, and that any price will be paid within the rules to keep quality pieces around.

“I want to be back here,” said Curry. “I like playing here. That’s it.” It doesn’t seem like either side is concerned about gaining leverage over the other.

Curry wants to stay, and management certainly wants to keep him around. If a player ever sets up multiple meetings during their free agency to meet with other teams, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re definitely leaving, but it means they’re prepared to leave.

This is a loud signal that Curry is going to re-sign. The real question becomes for how much money.

The Warriors signed him to that $12 million per year deal back when he was injury-prone, and it was a polarizing contract at the time.

There were a lot of people who lamented that the Warriors had thrown away money on a guy with paper ankles. Don’t let revisionist historians tell you differently.

The deal looks like quite a bargain after back-to-back MVP awards and an NBA championship, and there hasn’t been the slightest hint of resentment from Curry regarding being underpaid.

That’s a testament to the type of individual he is, because make no mistake about it: it’s a travesty that he’ll be just the 81st highest paid player in the league next season.

This mystery team looking to pry Curry away was reportedly basing their chances on him clashing with the numerous superstars in the lineup, which is outrageously wishful thinking, given the type of selfless player Curry is.

This strong declaration of planning to re-sign will hopefully eliminate an aspect of potential drama with a team that’s sure to generate more than enough controversy over the course of this season.