I’ve been a Giants fan all my life, but I wrote for a Dodgers’ site for a while, and I have tremendous respect for the organization.

It sounds strange for a passionate Giants supporter to say anything positive about the Dodgers, but for either side to discount the other is simply delusional and narrow minded.

A fantastic rivalry like that doesn’t reach the level it has if the two franchises aren’t terrific organizations.

One-sided rivalries simply don’t work. It takes a back-and-forth struggle between two formidable teams who can rise to the occasion and cement themselves as the team of the moment.

It’s why I say with an immense amount of respect that I’m absolutely thrilled at what Klay Thompson’s dog Rocco did at Dodgers Stadium.

Klay’s brother Trayce plays for the Dodgers, which makes him a germane subject to be interviewed by ESPN’s Pedro Gomez regarding the Dodgers.

The Dodgers look like they’re about to wrap up the NL West and win another division crown, and it coincides with Vin Scully’s farewell to the team after 67 years calling their games.

Gomez is interviewing Thompson out on the field, and as Thompson starts talking about how great it’s going to be to meet Scully, Rocco runs into the shot.

The interview continues as Rocco squats in the background and does his business. The cameraman obviously notices, because he subtly pans away from him.

I’d like to think that Rocco wasn’t simply a dog doing what came instinctually to him, but making a statement.

Rocco lives in the Bay Area, and has surely taken enough hints from local sports fans to know to despise the Dodgers.

Even if his owner’s brother plays for them, local ties must be stronger than family ties in this case. Congratulations to Rocco for making a powerful proclamation.

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