The vast majority of the other NBA teams would love to be in the Warriors’ situation as things stand right now.

A team that won 73 games last season somehow added a player who most observers acknowledge is at the very least a top 5 player in this league.

The Warriors suddenly have a starting lineup consisting of 4 out of the best 15 players in the league.

All things considered, the Warriors are currently sitting in a very good place. However, it’s still important to acknowledge some flaws in the lineup.

Nobody seems all that worried about the Warriors’ ability to score points. A team with Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green will figure out ways to put the ball in the hoop.

Bob Myers recently spoke about how team chemistry isn’t what it has been the past couple seasons due to so many new players on the squad.

That’s to be expected, and the cohesion should improve simply through increased time out on the court amongst one another.

Steve Kerr is now voicing some concerns about what the team’s defense will be like next season, specifically on the interior.

Losing Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli has caused a void in terms of rim protection inside. Newly acquired center Zaza Pachulia is skilled, but isn’t a shot blocker.

Rookie Damian Jones was a solid rim protector in college, but it’s unclear how it’ll translate at this level.

JaVale McGee is competing for the final roster spot on the team, and he can provide athletic shot blocking near the hoop if he makes the roster.

Kerr will have to mix and match a bit to alleviate this vulnerability, but every team faces adversity over the course of a season. Compared to other teams in the league, the Warriors are in a very good position.

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  1. Slap Dog Hoops

    I share the same sentiment as Kerr. After trading away Bogut and letting Ezeli go in free agency, the Warriors have no one else to protect the paint. Zaza Pachulia is no rim protector and Anderson Varejao is well past his prime. I doubt that the Warriors, with such a depleted frontline will repeat that 73 win season