There hasn’t been much for Warriors fans to complain about this offseason. Although the NBA Finals ended terribly and many key pieces from last season are now gone, the Warriors signed a top 5 player in Kevin Durant and look poised to keep competing for championships.

Given all the positive developments of the NBA offseason, chances are only positive feedback regarding the Warriors was picked up by that microphone on their smartphone recently.

Let me explain… a lawsuit has been filed against the Warriors and the manufacturers of their app. The lawsuit claims that while the app is open, the microphone on the smartphone picks up conversations the user is having and stores that information.

Although these allegations might have once been dismissed as pure science fiction, the digital age has ushered in unprecedented surveillance mechanisms.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but these claims don’t sound particularly ridiculous. Call me cynical or paranoid, but I assume that every time I step out in public I’m being monitored in some way or another.

This is something maybe even more disturbing, though. The microphone allegedly picks up private conversations whenever you open the app and have the microphone feature on.

The app gives you the option to turn off the microphone, but it certainly isn’t forthright to the extent of the microphone’s capabilities.

Also, the microphone can remain on even if the app isn’t being used. Unless the app is hard closed, the microphone can still pick up conversations allegedly, even if the user goes to another page or simply puts their phone down somewhere.

Supposedly how the technology works is that the microphones in smartphones pick up sound waves from beacons scattered around the landscape to pinpoint a user’s location. That information is then used to send them personalized ads based on that location.

If this is true, everybody needs to turn off that microphone when using the Warriors app. Also, make sure to hard close the app whenever not using it.

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