Kevin Durant being added to this already formidable Warriors team had already made people begin to speculate about which star would have to sacrifice the most.

Many pointed to Klay Thompson, because he plays off the ball more than Stephen Curry and Draymond Green do.

There’s only a certain amount of offensive possessions during the course of an NBA game, and those shots have to be allocated amongst the players.

A superstar like Durant is inevitably going to cut into those shot totals, but Thompson has gotten annoyed at all the talk regarding sacrifice.

He said that he won’t sacrifice any of his game or change his style, even with Durant coming aboard.

Thompson seems to be treating sacrifice as a form of deference, while it’s more of a practical reality of the situation.

It doesn’t have anything to do with forfeiting opportunities or being passive, but simply being content with less scoring opportunities coming your way if it means the team is thriving.

Thompson isn’t being selfish, but instead asserting himself as a competitor who is committed to helping the team win within the rhythm of a game.

Thompson, Durant, and Draymond Green have plenty of time to build on their rapport as members of Team USA.

During their time in Rio, Team USA basketball will get to stay in a luxury cruise ship instead of the Olympic village.

Security is going to be enhanced for such high profile athletes, and past USA basketball teams have also gotten similar treatment.

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