Draymond Green has had a bizarre last few months. He kicked Steven Adams in the groin, got provoked into a suspension by LeBron James, and got into a fight with a Michigan State football player.

Add a Snapchat gaffe to the list of troubling occurrences involving Green. The Team USA star apologized for posting a picture of his penis on Snapchat for all to see.

He said that it meant to be a private message, but that he hit the wrong button. Green took the picture down after about 10 minutes, undoubtedly mortified.

He originally sent out a tweet saying that he had been hacked, but later come forward by admitting that it was in fact him, but that he had just made an honest mistake.

Viewed within the context of who was involved with this, there probably wouldn’t be the same degree of outrage if it had been someone with less of a negative reputation around the league than Green.

It’s a shame that Team USA is now facing this negative attention right before the Olympics begin. It’s a privilege to represent your country in international competition, so the disappointment in Green is understandable.

Having said that, it was a victimless offense that Green is probably extremely embarrassed about. Hopefully everybody can move on from this unfortunate situation.

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