It seems like numerous people assisted in bringing Kevin Durant to Golden State, and as time passes, more stories are being revealed about important behind-the-scenes actions that successfully lured Durant to the Warriors.

Jerry West made an important phone call to Durant about winning as many championships as possible.

Steve Nash had a conversation with Durant that addressed the anxiety of chemistry issues that Durant feared would emerge within a team of so many stars.

There’s a new person who apparently played a role in Durant choosing the Warriors, although he’s not affiliated with the team in any official capacity like West or Nash.

Guy Fieri is a huge Warriors fan, and is seemingly taking some of the credit for Durant leaving Oklahoma City for the Bay Area.

In an interview with First We Feast, Fieri said that he told Durant’s agent during the NBA playoffs that Durant should keep Golden State in mind as a free agent.

“I even have the text,” Fieri said. “I said, ‘It’s coming up. I want him, you gotta bring him.’ And he was laughing… and he blew me off.”

It’s unclear whether Durant’s agent even told Durant about this conversation, but Fieri obviously has some sway in NBA circles.

Maybe it’s just a different world for celebrities, but the fact that Fieri even had the phone number of Durant’s agent illustrates that he’s at least somewhat immersed within the NBA community.

If Durant was still on the fence about going to the Warriors even after pitches from NBA legends like West and Nash along with current Warriors superstars, perhaps his agent told him about Fieri’s powerful desire to have Durant play on the Warriors.

That would surely tip the scales for any connoisseur of culinary arts. KD’s Southern Cuisine is closing to separate themselves from any Durant affiliation, but it sounds like Fieri would be all too willing to partner with Durant to bring the Bay Area some great food.