The Golden State Warriors are looking to fill out the rest of their lineup with veterans willing to take a discount to join a potentially historic team. Kendrick Perkins is the most recent option that fits that category.

The Warriors are rumored to be considering signing Perkins, who would bring an enforcer’s mentality to the interior.

Perkins played with Kevin Durant on the Oklahoma City Thunder from 2011-2015, and the two remain close friends. That connection certainly works in his favor, as the Warriors sound committed to trying to make Durant feel as comfortable as possible with his new team.

Andre Iguodala also appeared on CNBC to discuss financial issues. Iguodala has become a major investor in Silicon Valley since joining the Warriors, and wants to bestow other athletes with wealth management tools.

He will host the National Basketball Players Association Technology Summit next week. Far too many athletes end up going bankrupt soon after retiring, and Iguodala wants to spread as much knowledge as possible.

Zaza Pachulia also officially signed his contract today to become the newest Warriors player. Pachulia is replacing Andrew Bogut at center.

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