Troubling news to report for the Warriors after such an exciting offseason up until this point. Apparently Draymond Green was arrested last night for assaulting a man in East Lansing, Michigan.

The assault took place in the early morning hours on Sunday at a restaurant called Conrad’s Grill.

Luckily there are no injuries to report as a result of this altercation. Although it seems hasty to speculate on what exactly happened in this situation before more facts come out, any arrest for something like this should be taken seriously, and it’s troubling that Green found himself involved in something like this.

The East Lansing Police Department said that no police were called to the scene, but that they were already there as part of their normal patrol of the area.

They also indicated that this wasn’t just a shoving match between Green and the unidentified man, but that a slap had been thrown, presumably by Green since he was the one arrested.

Green is known on the court for his fiery demeanor, and judging from how he can be baited during games by opponents looking to get under his skin, it’s not a huge stretch to consider the possibility of a patron at this restaurant trying to pick a fight with Green for whatever reason.

Again, more details will come out about this altercation in the near future. What we do know is that Green was eventually released from custody with a $200 bond.

Green’s arraignment is set for July 20. If convicted in this case, he faces a maximum penalty of 93 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Professional athletes are vulnerable targets to potentially jealous antagonizers wanting a piece of a rich and famous athlete. If that’s what motivated this altercation, Green needs to make sure to never put himself in a situation where he can be lured into attacking another person again.

Regardless of how it evolved, this is an unfortunate circumstance for all involved, and not the type of adversity that Green wants hanging over him this offseason.