The excitement surrounding the Kevin Durant signing has yet to settle down. The Warriors still have to continue building a supporting cast around Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

Aging veterans seeking a bonafide chance at winning a championship are looking at Golden State with wide eyes.

David West has agreed to sign with the Warriors for a 1 year deal worth the league minimum. This comes just one season after he famously left the Indiana Pacers to presumably chase a ring with the San Antonio Spurs.

West ended his experiment in San Antonio after just one season, opting out of his deal to eventually join this Warriors squad.

The West signing puts Marreese Speights’ future with the team in question. The Warriors were interested in retaining him, but perhaps this West agreement is a signal that they’re prepared to move on from Mo Buckets.

The Warriors’ aren’t finished building their roster for next season. They will likely start focusing on bargain role players who will agree to take less money to come play for a potentially legendary team.

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