The 2015-16 NBA season didn’t end the way the Warriors envisioned, but not winning the NBA title can seem like a distant memory if they are able to lure Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City.

While the Thunder are still considered the overwhelming favorites, you can’t help but think about 35 in a Warriors jersey.

Several NBA franchises came into free agency with dreams of simply being in the hunt for Durant’s services. Some NBA teams couldn’t even get meetings with the seven time All-Star. With the meetings in the books, all there is left to do is wait. According to Royce Young of ESPN, the Thunder and Warriors will be the only teams that will be anxious for the next 24-36 hours:

Regardless of the result, the Warriors must have to feel pretty good right about now. We all knew the Thunder were going to be tough to beat and they still very might well get him back, but at least you’ve made it this far.

It was not too long ago that the Warriors would struggle to sign the best players in the league. Durant is an MVP caliber player that would make the Warriors look like an NBA team made up in NBA 2K16. No offense to the rest of the league, but this team just won 73 games and is looking for vengeance. That is just scary. Durant has to be seriously thinking about it if his sole focus is winning championships.

The Thunder have an excellent team, one that almost eliminated the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. Does he want to finish what he started? Probably and you can’t blame him for that. He might just sign a one year deal and re-open the sweepstakes next Summer.

It’s going to be an interesting Independence Day to say the least.

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  1. TRON

    I think he will go back to OKC and we will have to either pay Barnes a ridiculous amount of money or scrape the bottom of the free agent barrel. It was all part of Durant’s plan to weaken the Warriors! lol