The moment for Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors fans is almost here. The two powerhouses from each coast will compete and challenge each other once more. Two weeks ago, this series began and the Warriors took the early edge. After suspensions and injuries, the Cavs have managed to equalize the series. Game 7 at the Oracle Arena will ask for both teams to leave it all out there.

The Larry O’Brien has been in reach and tonight, one team will claim it for their town. Here’s the latest updates on both teams for Game 7.

Andre Iguodala

Early in Game 6, Andre left the floor and received treatment on his back. With a grimace on his face, Iguodala continued to compete but often looked gingerly. According to Rusty Simmons of the SF Chronicle, Iguodala didn’t practice, got more treatment and will give it his all in Game 7:

Stephen Curry

The two time MVP fouled out and was ejected after taking an unliking to the calls against him. He flung his mouthpiece and it hit a fan in the first row. The league made their decision and fined Steph $25,000. No suspension means more threes.

Kyrie Irving

Irving suffered a foot injury in Game 6 and claims that it won’t hamper him in the finale. According to Connor Letourneau of the SF Gate, Irving banked on the rest and will be ready to compete:

Kyrie Irving said Saturday afternoon that he feels no lingering pain from the left foot injury he suffered in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

“I’m good now,” Cleveland’s point guard said. “I’ll have a day or two in between, so I’m fine.”

Game 7 Tickets:

On Friday morning, someone with a ton of money spent $49,500 on courtside ticket each! 

In case you were wondering, ticket prices are settling down and you can get into the door for about $700. For those interested, look for tickets here: