The Golden State Warriors find themselves up 3-2 over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, despite some uneven play from their superstars. Draymond Green was suspended for game five because of an altercation with LeBron James, and Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry have largely been MIA.

The disparity between the splash brothers and the two Cavalier stars has been truly astonishing. Kyrie Irving and James have been the only reason the Cavs are still around, while the Warriors have been winning largely in spite of Curry and Thompson.

While Klay has had moments of individual brilliance, Steph Curry’s performance has raised eyebrows for all the wrong reasons. So this question is posed, on whose shoulders does the pressure fall in game six?

The easy answer is Stephen Curry. In these finals, Curry has played nowhere near the standards he set for himself over the course of this season. Given, he played basketball at levels that really have never been seen before, the player we are seeing in this series is not the Steph Curry the league had grown accustomed to.

To further this point, it is rare to see a player win the league MVP, reach the Finals, and not win Finals MVP. Stephen Curry is one the verge of doing this in back to back years.

Warrior Draymond Green’s Suspension Still Looming Large After Game 5

Green could have immense pressure on his shoulders as well after being suspended for game five. Speaking to the press after the game, Green said that he thought if he had played in game five, the Dubs would have won and clinched the title on their home court for the first time.

So by that logic, since Green is playing in game six, you would think that Green is fully expecting to make an immense impact on the game and lead the Warriors to victory. The stats back up this big talk from Green, as the Warriors have been exponentially better with him on the floor than off it.

Of course, the pressure is always on LeBron James to bring Cleveland its first major sports championship in over 50 years. Playing game six in front of his home crowd, James will be expected to lead the team to victory again and force a game seven. If the Cavs fall to the Warriors in game six at home again, the critics and trolls will be out in full effect calling for LeBron’s head. The criticism will be especially loud if King James does not have a repeat performance of game five.

Any way you cut it, game six is sure to be a fascinating affair and has plot lines aplenty. Will Stephen Curry come and try to reverse his play from the rest of the series? Will Green come out and attempt to make up for his absence in game five? Can LeBron and Kyrie get anywhere near the levels that they did in game five? We will know the answers to all of these questions soon enough.

Game six takes place at Quicken Loans Arena, Thursday night at 6 PM PT.