Golden State Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton will be one of the most highly sought-after head coaching candidates this offseason. He did a marvelous job guiding the Warriors to a fantastic record while Steve Kerr recuperated, and it’s placed Walton at the top of the list for a lot of intriguing jobs.

One of those jobs involves the New York Knicks. Current head coach Kurt Rambis, who took over for Derek Fisher couldn’t keep the Knicks from sinking. It’s a safe bet that Phil Jackson would like to replace Rambis with someone he has a personal investment in. That person would be Walton. But, according to a New York Post article, it may not be easy to pry away Walton.

From Marc Berman, columnist for the New York Post:

For those tabbing Tom Thibodeau, who looks even more attractive because of the Fred Hoiberg disaster, it’s not happening. The Knicks also are getting a strong sense that Luke Walton is not leaving the Warriors this soon.

This might be the first anyone has heard that Luke Walton could possibly not be leaving Golden State. With the Warriors looking to build a dynasty, it’s hard for anybody to walk away from the organization. Last offseason, Alvin Gentry moved onto New Orleans to coach the Pelcians but has failed to impress after the high hopes from last season’s playoff run.

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  1. Mark Buell

    The only way that Walton should leave is for a good young team who he can grow with and mold. It also has to be a good organization as well. The Dubs will give him a nice raise to stay for another year. The Knicks are a dysfunctional mess and he needs to avoid them like the plague. Now if Minnesota came calling, that would not be good for the Warriors.