It’s not every day when one former league Most Valuable Player sticks up for another, but that day definitely seems to be today. LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers has come to the aid of the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry when it comes to the way the old players are talking about the superstar point guard.

From William Lou of theScore earlier today:

“I heard Dennis Rodman say if I played in their era I’d just be an average player – yeah, about me, that I’d be just an average player,” James said. “And they say the same things about Steph, ‘If Steph played in our era, then we’d be more physical with him and we’d go at him.’ And it sucks because we’re just trying to carry the torch for the next group to come behind us.”

James is correct here. There’s no way that he would be an average player if he played in the 80’s or 90’s, and neither would Curry. That’s the hilarity of all of this. Great players would usually be great players in any other era across the league because, well, they’re great players. It’s who they are.

Anytime someone tries to disparage or disrespect Curry or the Warriors, it just sounds like a bunch of people who are jealous of the success that he and the team are currently having right now. It’s just completely ridiculous to even do at this point. The old guard should keep their mouths shut about stuff like this.

It was nice to see James come to Curry’s aid here and have his back. Despite being on-court enemies because of each one striving to win a championship, they can still respect each other and defend each other off the court. If the old timers are going to constantly belittle the game, then why even speak at all?