Prepare the hot take cannon! This one’s going to shock you, but basketball analyst, Charles Barkley is not going to be picking the Golden State Warriors to repeat as world champions this year. He’s just not going to do it, and none of this seems in the least bit shocking if you have watched him the past.

Barkley loathes the Warriors and how they play. He doesn’t like that a jump shooting team actually won an NBA title, which is quite hilarious since Barkley himself took a ton of threes in his career. Maybe it’s because those threes he took led to him being the worst three-point shooter of all-time (minimum 1500 attempts) or because he just never won a title at all. No one knows.

From Justin Pierson of ClutchPoints dot com:

Most recently, he appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and had this to say about the Golden State Warriors, “They have a terrific team. They’ve been great for the NBA. I’m telling you right now: They’re not going to win the championship this year.”

Barkley says outlandish things mostly because he knows he’s there simply for entertainment and nothing else. He’s admitted in the past that he only watches a couple of games now because the Warriors have effectively slain the rest of the competition. It’s just who he is. He’s here for ratings.

Whether or not he still believes that jump shooting teams can’t win a championship doesn’t matter anymore since, well, Golden State proved that wrong last season. If they do it again this season, there will be a large helping of crow served up on a silver platter for him to devour. And it will be glorious.