59 games into the season, and the Golden State Warriors are presently ahead of the pace that the 72-win Chicago Bulls set back in 1995-96. At the current juncture, the Warriors are 54-5. Through 59 games in their record-setting season, the Bulls were 53-6.

As it currently stands, the Warriors are on pace to finish the season with an outlandish 75-7 record — a mark that would surely never be touched again in the history of professional basketball. It’d be that absurd and that untouchable. It’d be Barry Bonds’ 73 home runs.

While Golden State hilariously eviscerates the known basketball world with their nearly flawless style of play, the rest of basketball is forced to watch on as the team that shortly ago was cast to the back burner of the league now dominates it in every way imaginable. Such is the way that the game has been transcended by Stephen Curry and company.

Curry is on pace to possibly be the first ever unanimous Most Valuable Player winner in NBA history, and it’s something that seems likelier than ever before. Some betting sites have Curry as a 1-100 favorite to win the award, and that’s one of the most absurd betting lines in sports history.

With a win tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Warriors will improve their record to 55-5 through 60 games. They’d only need to go 18-4 the rest of the way to break Chicago’s single-season wins record. Can they do it? Of course they can. Will they? Tune in and find out. Don’t miss a moment of this historic season.