So, this hardly seems fair for the rest of the basketball world, right? Former Coach of the Year, and defensive guru, Tom Thibodeau is going to be stopping by Golden State Warriors camp to help the team with some of their defensive principles. Fun!

According to reports, it sounds like Thibodeau will be making his way to helping out the Warriors either sometime on Sunday or possibly on Monday. Either way, this can only help Golden State out. While they are still a top-notch defensive team — their 100.1 Defensive Efficiency ranks 5th — they still have been prone to lapses on that end at times, and it’s led to their efficiency falling by two points from last year when they led the league.

It’s not that the Warriors are bad defensively, but they could improve a little bit here and there at times. Thibodeau is only going to help with that, and it’s going to be an interesting thing to keep track of over the next little while.

Thibodeau is a defensive genius, and his penchant for helping a team on that side of the ball is one of the most sought after things these days. In an era where offense is king, Thibodeau has been able to get his teams to play well despite a lack of superior talent at times. If he can even help out the Warriors a little bit then this will have been worth it.

It does seem comical, though, that in a season where a team is 54-5, they’re going to go out and get some more help in the form of one of the smartest and savviest defensive coaches in the league. You have to love it. Never be content with where you are. Always be looking to improve. That is who the Golden State Warriors are now. It’s beautiful.