Charles Barkley’s career began in 1984 and concluded in 2000 with 11 All-Star Game selections, an MVP season in 1993 and zero championships. Today, he reminded the public on his opinion on Stephen Curry.

On today’s, NBA on TNT Halftime Show, Chuck went on to express that Kawhi Leonard the best complete player in the world:

To clarify, Barkley says “Steph Curry is the best offensive player in the world, probably the best player in the world but that guy right there, to me (Kawhi Leonard) is the best complete basketball player in the world.”

While Leonard has been a star for the San Antonio Spurs and nothing can be taken away from the champion, Stephen Curry is playing on another level right now. He’s breaking his own records and shooting at an insane rate. There will always be doubters and naysayers, it’s up to the team to use it as fuel and motivation to prove them wrong.

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  1. michael donovan

    and barkely once thought he was as good as jordan…

  2. Mark Buell

    Where was Leonard when the Dubs were eviserating the Spurs by 30? I think Klay is every bit the all around player than Leonard is. We all know other than fatso who the best player in the world is. Steph is on a whole different level than Leonard. As I said, Klay Thompson is every bit as good if not a better all around player than Leonard.

    • Mr Ed

      Are you serious? Are you even watching Kawhi/ Spurs games? Wtf Klay? Hahaha youre too attached to your team you dont see any other good players anymore. And btw 30 pts in a game is big when you play for the Spurs organization.

    • Cicero

      You…don’t watch much basketball do you? It’s annoying whenever a team gets a successful and awesome as the Warriors it spawns as fanbase of entry-level baaaasic casual fans and band wagoners who don’t really know what they’re talking about. Don’t be the new Laker fans. Like honestly, if you think Klay Thompson is anywhere close to Kawhi Leonard on defense, lol, I’m not even sure how to respond to that other than wow what a casual fan, what a silly poser. Maybe watch some more basketball, buddy. Team fanboys are so sad.

      • Mark Buell

        I have watched basketball for longer than you have been alive. I have been a Warrior seasons ticket holder for more than 25 years. So all of these people talking about Warrior bandwagon fans are so full of it they have no clue. The Dubs have been selling out for 20 years even when they were terrible. None of you have nay clue what is going on out here in Oakland. You sit back and make judgments based on nothing. This drivel you wrote is just that, meaningless drivel written by another clueless person who thinks he knows something, when he doesn’t know squat. Nice try. Bye the way, the name calling is good for 12 year olds. Act your age, not your shoe size. Effete technocrat Dbag, You can’t do better than that?? Laughable.

      • Cicero

        Cool story bro. Didn’t actually read any of it but I’m sure it was TERRIBLY witty. Anyway, like I said your opinions on basketball are laughable trash. Honestly ask anyone with an ounce of basketball sense who isn’t some team fanboy homer if Klay’s defense were equivalent to Kawhi’s and you’d get laughed out of town. Period. The end. It’s a laughable position supported neither by the eye test or any sort of analytic. Hot takes from old men, nothing new, casual fans are fueled by that. This is why you never talk sports with team fanboys, they’re pathetic and unable to even concede the existence of their biases. You’re a fan of the Warriors, I’m a fan of basketball. Save your tl-dr attempt at a comeback, peace out old man.

      • Mark Buell

        Yes we will see in the playoffs. Lets see which team goes farther when it really counts. I hope the old men can make it to the conference finals. Watch out, it looks like the Clippers will pass OKC for third and the Spurs will have to play the Clippers in the second round. Good luck trying to get to where the Dubs will be, the conference finals.

      • Cicero

        I’m not even a fan of those teams, you complete and utter imbecile. Like I said, this is why you can’t seriously talk sports with homer fanboy casuals. They’re unable to take themselves out of that context and mindset and it’s pathetic. It’s assumed that any sort of criticism of a laughable basketball opinion such as yours (and boy, was it!) must mean I’m a Spurs fan or something. Nah. I just love basketball. The Warriors are wonderful, historic. The Dubs will definitely win it all, that’s got nothing to do with your amusingly ignorant opinion on Klay’s defense versus Kawhi’s. Anyway, like I said it’s a waste of time to argue with hot take homers. Go back to watching ESPN or whatever old man. Consider the next reply you send Draymonded and unread by yours truly. As Dray might say, “Cool story, old man.”

      • Mark Buell

        Your pic looks like your in your 30’s but your name calling is just so immature. Once again, act your age not your shoe size. Grow up little man.

  3. Harry Kays

    MVP should be for all around play. Don’t understand why it’s not.
    I enjoy watching Defense.