Against most teams, getting 59 points on over 50% shooting from your backcourt will just about guarantee a win. Unfortunately for Washington’s John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Warriors aren’t “most teams”. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 75 points on 27-of-47 shooting to lead Golden State to an eighth consecutive victory, further cementing their place as the best backcourt in the NBA.
Here are 10 thoughts on the game:

1) Sometimes Steph will have one of these nights where he rains fire on the court. Who knows what sparks it. Maybe it was Wall and Beal claiming to be the best backcourt in the NBA. Maybe it’s because he’s going to meet President Obama tomorrow and wants to have something to chat about. Or maybe he heard the whispers of the word “slump” after averaging 17 points over the last three games. Whatever the case, once every 10 days or so you know Steph is going to shoot lights out and make a dozen Vine-tastic plays in the process. On Wednesday against the Wizards, Steph had one of those nights. He needed only 28 shot attempts to score 51 points. He was 11-of-16 from three-point land and had highlight after highlight after highlight. What he’s been doing to the NBA this past season and a half has been truly mind boggling. I’m running out of ways to say “wow.”

2) Somehow Klay had a quiet night despite scoring 24 points and hitting 6-of-13 from deep. Lest we forget in the wake of Steph’s video game night, Klay is averaging a not-too-shabby 34 points during his own hot streak over the last four games.

Klay Thompson and Shaun Livingston Defend John Wall3) Shaun Livingston had eight huge points in the fourth when the Wizards were mounting a run and had cut the lead down to six. In only 15 minutes of burn, Shaun was aggressive getting his shot (4-5 FG) and distributed the ball well (6 assists) to lead the bench unit.

4) Draymond collected his 10th triple-double on the year with 12 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists (he even threw in 5 blocks for good measure). The guy propels the Warriors in so many ways.

5) I’m not a big fan of the play where Harrison Barnes catches the ball, dribbles it a couple of times and then takes a contested long-two with a hand in his face with ample time on the clock. He did it three times in this game. With the bench mob I can forgive HB, but when the starters are in, well … maybe the KD-to-Warriors talk rattled Harrison a bit.

6) The Warriors were shooting so well (52% FG, 47% threes) that Marcin Gortat tried to play defense from the bench.

7) Nitpicking: still a few too many turnovers (18) and still a few too many missed free throws (16-29). At least the bench was decent.

8) Chris Mullin (everyone’s former favorite Warrior) called Stephen Curry (everyone’s current favorite Warrior), “100-percent the best shooter of all-time.” Considering that Mullie had one of the purest strokes ever, and once shot 46.5% from deep for a season, it’s likely he knows a good shooter when he sees one. Stephen Curry Washington Wizards

9) This is how much the game has changed: Mullin, one of the most prolific shooters of his generation, connected on 815 three-pointers in a 16-year career. Curry will have twice that amount by the end of this season, his seventh.

10) Warriors versus Wizards on a Wednesday night somehow became Kevin Durant’s maybe future home versus Kevin Durant’s other maybe future home. Regardless of where KD lands, it’s safe to say this Warriors squad will be competing for years to come because my sources say Stephen Curry is pretty good at basketball.