While California spent the week taking shelter from the torrential El Nino rains, there was nothing to protect the Pacific Northwest from a relentless Warriors downpour. Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry combined for 62 points on 53-percent shooting to help Golden State splish splash their way to a 20-point victory over the Trailblazers. The Warriors have won nine of the last 11 games against Portland and are now 34-2 on the season.
Here are 10 thoughts on the game:

1) After dropping 22 quick points in the first quarter against the Lakers, Klay was at it again, this time hitting for 19 in the first on a barrage of quick-trigger jumpers. It was evident Klay had it going when he hit a barely-in-his-hands three-pointer in Allen Crabbe’s face. Dealing with lingering back pain earlier in the season, Klay struggled in averaging 16.2 points on 45% shooting in the first 18 games. But since December 1, he’s hitting for 26.4 points on 48% shooting. These last two months should just about guarantee the Warriors three All-Stars, right?

2) It would seem that Stephen Curry’s over-the-shoulder, no-look lobs to Andrew Bogut are now a regular thing. This is the third, and most impressive, that I can recall from the season.

Draymond Green3) Magic Dray got another triple-double with 11 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. That’s four in the last five games. But Dray Allen was nowhere to be seen as he went 0-2 on 3-pointers. Green was a game-high plus-30.

4) The Blazers are eighth-worst in defensive rating. While Portland’s backcourt can get buckets with the Warriors (they’re the second-highest scoring guard tandem behind Steph and Klay), the diminutive Damian Lillard (40 points, 10 assists) and CJ McCollum (17 points) give up too many points on the other end to be a legitimate pairing without a defensive-ace center behind them. I’d like to hear what Monta Ellis would think about starting two sub-6′ 4″ guys in the same backcourt.

5) Like his play on the court, Klay’s quotes off of it have been fantastic as of late. He called out the Clips’ for not handling their business, then he dubbed himself the best 2-guard in the league, and now he’ saying the Warriors would probably still be undefeated if not for injuries. I approve of all quotes that spice up the 82-game season, but Klay, please don’t go Cavs fan on us with that injury stuff.

6) Karma: the Blazers went with hack-a-Bogut with four minutes remaining in the second quarter. Luke Walton probably thought to himself, “well, if you insist,” and subbed Andre Iguodala in to go small with Green at center. The Warriors finished the half on an emphatic 14-6 run.

7) Since getting hit in the calf in the Utah game on December 23, coming into the night Steph was averaging a low-for-him 21 points on 45% shooting (not counting the 14 minutes he played against Denver). Now also dealing with a nagging shin contusion, it would seem rest would be beneficial for he and the team’s playoff success. To that end, Walton gave Curry the fourth quarter off in the blowout. He finished with 29 minutes.

8) Brandon Rush dropped 20 and went 4-4 on threes, with each one coming wide open in the corner. Does Rush have the best job in the NBA right now? All he has to do is play some D, stand in the corner, and let Steph, Klay, Draymond and Bogut find him open looks.

Damian Lillard Klay Thompson9) Everyone’s favorite team to despise, the Clippers, added another log into the fire of hate. Allegedly, Doc declined the opportunity to allow CJ McCollum to play despite a clerical error that left him off the roster in the previous game. In case you are wondering, Walton and Kerr, having won 33 games at the time, would’ve probably allowed it.

10) The Warriors get the Kings tomorrow night in Sacramento. The weather forecast calls for rain in the area. I’m not sure if that’s in reference to impending precipitation or Splash Brothers jumpers. Stay dry, everyone.