No team in the history of the NBA has ever had a 7-0 road trip  The Warriors almost made history two seasons ago but lost to the Nets in Brooklyn in their final game to settle for a 6-1 trip. After beating a spirited Nets teamon Sunday, Golden State gets another chance at the record books this year. If they happen to drop a game to the Pacers, Bucks, or Celtics this week, 22-0 is a pretty good consolation prize.
Here are 10 thoughts from the game:

1) The Nets made the Warriors earn this win. After taking the Dubs to overtime in Oakland, Brooklyn again showed their resiliency. They overcame a 17-point first-half deficit and took a five point lead in the third quarter. But then, with about 6:00 left in the quarter, and the Nets playing with all the momentum, the Curry Flurry happened. Steph had 16 in the period, capped by a final 4:12 where he hit for 14 points on a couple of ridiculous, but usual-for-him, threes. And he threw in a well-timed lob for a monster Festus Ezeli jam for good measure. Just like that and the Warriors were back in control.

2) The bench unit came in and played an outstanding fourth quarter. They turned a 7-point lead into a 20-point cushion, allowing the starters ample rest in the final period on the second half of a back-to-back. Four of the top five plus-minus numbers came from the subs.

3) The Warriors may not match the ’96 Bulls with 72 wins, but they’ve already matched them in popularity in road arenas. Curry got loud cheers for pulling in the game’s first rebound, and when Klay hit his first two three-pointers, the ovation sounded like a home game.

Golden State Warriors Celebrate4) On an evening where Andrew Bogut looked a half step slow playing with back spasms, Festus gave the Warriors 20 fantastic Swagzeli minutes. His play changed the tenor of the game defensively. He thwarted drivers in the lane (4 blocks) and added 12 timely points when the game was still close. Not sure I’ve ever seen his before, but he had the team’s highest plus-minus at plus-20.

5) Steph missed three free throws in a row. He hadn’t missed that many free throws in a single game in 137 contests. Even when he does something bad it’s amazing. That’s almost two years without missing three free throws in the same game.

6) In the fourth, the Warriors got a delay of game warning for jumping out on the court to celebrate the bench unit breaking open the game. What a fun team. The only way to stop their joy is with a penalty.

7) It must be mentally taxing to guard the Splash Brothers. Defenders have to forget everything they’ve ever learned about basketball and stick with Klay and Steph regardless of the play unfolding on the court. At 4:09in the third, Larkin and Brown both ran with the cutter Klay, accidentally leaving Curry all alone at the arc. One little slip up like that and all of a sudden Brooklyn’s 3-point lead vanishes with the flick of Steph’s wrist.

8) Did anyone else see the curious video of Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov at their practice facility showing off his pushups drills? The looks the players had were the same as the face my niece makes when my brother makes a lame dad-joke. Ok, old man, I’m going to play along and smile since you pay the bills, but in no way do I think this is cool.Stephen Curry

9) Injury watch: Harrison Barnes did some light stationery drills before the game. He’s to be
reevaluated next Sunday. Come back and soar with us soon, Falcon!

10) Curry is to other NBA superstars what In ‘N Out is to other fast food burgers. With the Warriors up 20 in the final minutes of the game, and Steph still on the court, the fans stayed glued in their seats hoping to see a little more magic. This was a game in Brooklyn. Heat fans left early in the fourth quarter of Lebron’s final home game in Miami hoping to beat the traffic.