Even the most ardent basketball fan can have a hard time deciding whether to devote 2.5 hours to watch certain games. Last night’s Warriors-Nets (1-9) on a Saturday night was one of those times. But we always watch because we never know what might happen. Klay could mess around and score 37 points in a quarter. Or — in the case of last night — the hapless Nets might take the defending champs to OT in Oracle. 
The Warriors made some well-timed baskets, got a lucky miss, and made a little “luck” of their own to win in overtime.
Here are 10 thoughts from the game:

1) The decision not to commit a foul  — the Nets had a chance when Draymond (career 69% at the line) caught the ball inside the arc —  when up three with under 10 seconds left in the game was Lionel Hollins telling all Warriors fans, “Naw, we’re good. I know your team is number one in the league in 3-point percentage, but I want to make sure this game is exciting.” Thanks, Lionel!

2) I love Andre Iguodala. Big three to tie the game, amazing strip of Joe Johnson in OT. There is a 99% chance that my first born will be named Iggy Tsan — regardless of gender.

3) The word “lucky” is taboo around these parts, but to win in sports, sometimes luck is involved. Brooke Lopez makes that point-blank bunny 90% of the time. But he missed it last night. That’s luck, right? (But getting the 8-second call on Jack — that was savvy veteran play from all five men. Everyone knew exactly what to do. That’s coaching too.)

Lionel Hollins Watch4) Lionel Hollin’s watch game is on point. The shine off that piece nearly melted a pixel on my screen.

5) Despite that killer 8-second turnover, I like Jack. I appreciated his time as a Warrior. He filled the backup PG spot admirably and, more importantly, he was willing to take big shots down the stretch of games at a time when young Steph and young Klay wouldn’t or couldn’t. However, that penchant for the big balls dance was the same reason I wasn’t upset when he left for a deal with Brooklyn. The Splash Brothers’ amiability to defer to the veteran Jack in crunch time was stifling their growth. Even if Steph and Klay weren’t likely to make those clutch shots three years ago, they needed to be taking them. They needed the reps. Jack leaving was best for everyone (that didn’t own a shoe store Oakland).

6) Esoteric stat of the night: Steph passed his father, Dell in made-threes (1,248 to 1,245). It took Dell 3,098 attempts and 16 seasons to make all those threes. Steph needed only 2,830 attempts and less than half the time.

7) Was that Joe Johnson out there or Joe Johnson’s zombie doppelgänger? JJ finished with 6 points on 3-12 shooting in 41 minutes. It’s early, but is Joe Johnson this year’s winner of the Steve Francis Award, given to the player that inexplicably stops being good in basketball despite not having a serious injury?

8) Klay Thompson was out with a sore back. The Warriors clearly missed him. They put Livingston on Jack (who drew two huge, if suspect shooting fouls) down the stretch. Klay would have been the defender there had he been available. The Dubs also missed his spacing on offense. Even though Thompson’s off to a slow start, the threat of his shooting demands that his defender never leaves his body. Without Klay on the court, Draymond had fewer options on the 4-3 situations that come from Curry pick and rolls. Get well soon, Klay.Stephen Curry

9) You know why everyone loves Steph (besides the ridiculous threes from 30 feet and sorcery with the ball)? He seems like a guy you would know at work. He’s not confrontational like KD, nor bigger-than-life like Lebron. Steph seems fun and genuine, like a popular guy in your economics class. Case in point: In OT he barely got the ball over the rim on a dunk attempt, and on the ensuing replay you could see him genuinely laughing about it with teammates, embarrassed. How many reigning MVPs are humble enough to openly laugh at themselves on the court when they flub a play?

10) The night started with the French national anthem. What a horrible tragedy. Thoughts and prayers to the people of France.