The San Francisco 49ers aren’t off to the ideal start, but they still have time to turn it around. In Week 4 of the NFL schedule, the Niners hosted the Green Bay Packers. In a low scoring affair, the Niners may have needed the Warriors offense.

Look for the @warriors on the fog horn today!! #NBAChamps

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All of those present got their own personalized jerseys, the new black alternates that the Niners debuted this year. Andre Iguodala was all smiles:

Finals MVP on the fog horn! #GBvsSF @warriors

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The most impressive thing may be Mo Speights’ ability to throw the football. Apparently, Barnes doubted Speights’ passing ability. He threw multiple times down field for 60-plus yards and it was caught on Instagram:

Mo Speights #49ers back up QB?! Check out this 60 yd pass to Draymond Green. #Warriors

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  1. ds207

    Forty Niners should have signed Alvin Gentry instead of letting him go to the Pelicans, it looks like they could have way more use for an offense knowledgeable coach more than the Pels. Sure can’t be worse than Jeep Cryst.