Klay Thompson

Last week, the Larry O’Brien had to travel from Tokyo, Japan with Stephen Curry back to the states and into Klay Thompson’s hands. Thompson proceeded to take the trophy to Washington. While visiting his old stomping grounds, Thompson met wit fans and took photos with plenty. Larry sure travels a lot.

This week, Draymond Green headed home to Michigan State University and brought Larry too. Last week, Green donated a massive $3.1 million back to his alma mater. His donation will pave the way for scholarships and facility renovations for their student-athletes. While hanging with Draymond Green and taking in the festivities, Festus Ezeli also held a Larry O’Brien trophy at Vanderbilt:


Wait, if the trophy was in Michigan, how was it in Tennessee at the same time? On Saturday, the trophy was in two places at once. How? The Tennessean got to the bottom of it:

“I don’t know how that works, but I know I have the trophy right here with me,” Ezeli said. “I’m here with it, and I’m here to celebrate with everyone (at Vanderbilt) with it.”

Ezeli had the real trophy earned and owned by the Warriors, according to Massimo Degaudenzi, Golden State’s assistant for corporate communications, who escorted the hardware to Nashville from California. Degaudenzi said the one Green had was a replica trophy the NBA office uses for public events.

It’s a way of celebrating the NBA title in two places at once – like Ezeli and Green did on Saturday.

Apparently, there are two Larry O’Brien trophies and Ezeli held the real one this weekend. The trophy trophies will continue to change hands and travel with the World Champions.