Curry Two

Under Armour reached out and wanted the MVP. Kevin Durant declined and resigned with Nike. Continuing their search for the next NBA star to build the basketball aspect of their brand, they went after Stephen Curry. Curry signed with UA and wore the Anatomix Spawns and brought a ton of attention in the Clutchfit Drives.

UA knew they found their guy as they laced him up with his first signature shoe, the Curry One. That same season, Steph won the MVP. In a crazy turn of events, UA got their MVP after all. Right now, Curry will tour Asia in a five day trip with UA:

On this trip, Steph will launch the first colorway of the Curry Two. They will be available exclusively in China on September 6th in limited quantity:

The Curry Two will follow up a popular basketball shoe in the Curry One. With this momentum, UA has been able to pass up adidas and slide into second behind Nike’s gigantic market share. While it’ll be unlikely for UA to surpass the Swoosh, they made the right decision by believing in Steph and have set a foundation for the future.

Curry Under Armour

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  1. methuselah46

    Duh! I think you meant “re-sign” rather than “resign”. In this context, these words have almost opposite meanings.