Steph Curry 2K16

With Stephen Curry as one of three coverboys on NBA 2K16, they gaming company is going to make everything as realistic as possible for them. Along with Anthony Davis and James Harden, Curry has spent a lot of time in the studios. 2K Sports was smart to bring in Curry, his array of moves couldn’t be pieced together properly without him demonstrating the moves.

2K has already shown behind the scene videos of the MVP and a screen shot of how he’s going to look. The game will release in September and more gameplay is being shared as we get closer. Steph posted a virtual version of himself heading to the line on Instagram:

With such great detail, the game continues to evolve. From the “I Can Do All Things” written on his shoe to the mouthpiece, Curry steps to the line with 100% confidence and familiarity. On top of that, Steph doesn’t get a generic release, his signature shooting motion was captured and replicated.

Curry goes on to use the hashtags #flickofdawrist to talk about the shooting motion and #shoegame to show his attention on his signature Under Armour Curry One. Stay tuned as more gamplay will be released on Monday!