Curry ESPN

Life is good when you’re the NBA World Champions. Each player is enjoying their time off and they are all in different parts of the country. Harrison Barnes was on ESPN’s Sports Nation on Friday and Draymond Green is hosting a basketball camp.

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Pro players usually host camps for kids during the Summer and Curry is currently in Pebble Beach hosting a camp of his own. He let the campers touch the Larry O’Brien trophy and even eats dinner with the youngsters.

He asks the cook what’s on the menu and she responds “Chicken Curry.” The MVP could only smile and laugh. As all of you should know, Curry had a “This is SportsCenter” commercial where he mistakenly thought the ESPN cafeteria was purposely cooking chicken Curry because of his performances on the court.

The ad is hilarious and Curry got an opportunity to actually experience it in real life. As Curry gets his food, he repeats what he said in the commercial, “I lace them up every day for guys like you.” The Warriors tweeted out a video of the exchange:

In case you were living under a rock, the video of the original commercial is at the bottom of the page. Curry is becoming the most popular basketball player on the planet and that’s because he is so well liked. He is the MVP and a World Champion, but he is interacting with the kids as if he was just another player.

Hopefully ESPN gets Curry to record a few more commercials because the first one was hilarious. Maybe Riley will be involved this time.