NBA: Summer League-Miami Heat vs Golden State Warriors

It’s good to be a fan of the Warriors right now. The Dubs are the World Champions after 40 years of suffering. It had not been easy to root for the Warriors in the past, but all that has changed for the better.

-== 8 Moves That Paved Way for Warriors’ NBA Title ==-

Mark Jackson deserves credit for turning this team around and changing the culture. Obviously, Jackson could not take the Warriors to the promise land and was replaced by Steve Kerr this past off-season.

Jackson had some interesting tactics when he was the head coach and didn’t get along with the front office and some assistant coaches. That’s actually a big reason why Jackson was let go, but there was other incidents that could have led to his departure as well. According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, Jackson lied to the players about Festus Ezeli rooting against them:

When Ezeli was injured last season, Jackson and his staff told the healthy players that Ezeli was cheering against them — so that he would look good, according to several team sources. Players confronted Ezeli in a meeting, and he wept at the accusation — which he denied.

Ezeli was already dealing with the fact that he could not be on the floor with his teammates and Jackson got the players to confront him about it. Ezeli didn’t have any idea of what they were talking about and was left in tears. This doesn’t make much sense. Why would Jackson want to get the players riled up about Ezeli?

When Jackson was fired last year, Steph Curry and other players voiced their displeasure with the decision, which is why this report is surprising since Jackson was seen as a player’s coach. Now, that the Warriors are champions, it’s confirmed that letting  Jackson go was the right choice. Steve Kerr inherited a good team, but he took them over the hump. More importantly, Kerr would never pull those type of antics with this team.

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  1. adsadasad

    pff, Warrioirs did a great job of making Jackson look like a bad guy, when the truth is that he turned that franchise from a lottery team to a winning team. Jackson did a great job for them, they should pay him some respect.

  2. ADP

    been saying this for years, Jackson is a selfish a-hole, put hime in a position of power and you’re asking for trouble

  3. Curtis Burton

    Before Mark jackson came to coach the warriors they were at or near the bottom of the conference every year. Let’s keep the personal attacks out of it. That was Mark Jackson’s team. Andrew Bogut was injured for what seems like three seasons. Just like Tony Dungy had his team taken from him and John Gruden won a Super Bowl with it the very next year. The owner and general manager of the Warriors were very disrespectful to someone who took his team from the out house to the penthouse.

    • Mike

      Bogut was HARDLY injured for 3 seasons, he had his injuries, and losing him right before the playoffs was a tough break but he’s been mostly healthy for the first time in his career. I have no ill will towards Mjax, helped instill a defensive mentality in this team, but Kerr has been far superior in my opinion. Kerr does recognize that he inherited a great team though, and had said so publicly, and Jackson deserves credit for that.

    • Ray

      There seems to be an underlying opinions get involving color of skin that’s not said out-loud between the two coaches. All o know is the Warriors front office has done everything to put the best people in charge to make them a first class organization. Kerr was an upgrade. They are now Champions. They weren’t with Mark Jackson and they weren’t even as close to as good. Ranking first in offense and defense and point differential all season long. Quite an upgrade. Joe, Peter and Bob need to be applauded for running it like a successful business and not with sentimentality because that doesn’t win Championships.

      • Curtis Burton

        Ray your post was very well written and thought out. I respect your opinion but it is just your opinion. To me there is nothing underlying about what happened. The facts are the facts and are as plain as the nose on your face. As I stated; before when Mark Jackson became the coach of the Warriors they were habitual cellar dwellers. Do some research on Andrew Bogut’s health for the past three seasons not including this one.. Then tell me the number of games that he missed total during the last three seasons. If you’d be so kind as to report that number right here along with your response. Second point Steve Kerr with no coaching experience got paid 5 million dollars per season That was almost twice what Mark Jackson got paid. How many times in history has a first year coach won an NBA championship. And if not for a hot tip from the video technician. Whose bright idea was to play small ball. Steve Kerr may have blown that series and lost to the Cavaliers. JUST SAYIN!!!! .

      • Brent Bear

        i think some of the main reasons why warriors became relevant is because a) steph got healthy. b) monta was gone. c)bogut + dlee. having some good big men. d) great draft picks. mark did help put pieces together but kerr was able to utilize everyone much more so.

    • mkb

      We are all amateur basketball peeps here, but come on — the offense is / was completely different under Kerr vs MJ. Ws utilizing switching more on the defensive end under Adams too.

  4. Mudflapman

    What was MJ’s agenda that he would do this? Is it because Ezeli did not attend his bible studies? Why would this hypocrite cause internal turmoil when he was already in the hot seat?

  5. afannaz

    jackson’s view of life must be us against them. so, in his warped, paranoid view pitting the rest of the team against ezeli served some unknown purpose. only jackson knows what makes jackson tic/tick. the team played well under him then, but i bet they would have figured him out this year, if they didn’t already! it’s hard to believe he’d do something so devious to his own team, but after watching him in action toward the end of last season, i believe he did that and probably lots more weirdnesses with the W’s.

  6. Rickey Bussey

    This is bullshit and entirely unnecessary.

    Jackson did a wonderful job and it’s pretty small for you to add anything new flames to something old.

    Nothing is obvious, Jackson may have led the team to a championship as well but we’ll never know.

    Get some class! This story and whoever is behind it stink.

    • Rob L

      Class? Jackson was horrible coach and person. He preached motivational quotes during timeouts instead of drawing up easy plays.. Under Jackson Barnes, Mo Speights had HORRIBLE years in all their stats. AND Mark Jackson a classy preacher who hired and sent prostitutes nude pictures of himself ..And had to call FBI for help after prostitue was asking for too much pay off money.. LOL he lied to his wife and kids and had to call FBI for help because he cheated on his wife with hooker.. LOL CLASSY

      • Rickey Bussey

        Do you see anything from me saying Jackson was classy? I was referring to the article as classless. Reread please

      • OKNO

        Why would the FBI help him? Anyway if this is true (which I still doubt) I hope he gets hired by the Cavs and ends up ruining their season lol!

      • Rob L

        try googling Mark Jackson prostitute and fbi.. stop believing or not believing.. Do some reading yourself..and remember source of your reading.. Jesus i hate lazy people..

      • OKNO

        What I doubted was the Ezeli thing. As the article said it doesn’t even make any sense for him to do that to him.

      • Curtis Burton

        Do you know him? Of course not!!!!! BUT AT LEAST YOUR ABLE TO READ…..PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THE PUBLIC’S EYE ARE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD THAN OTHERS. Have you made a mistake or had a transgression or a moment that you would like to do over. I do know him and he is a good man that made a mistake. Could he have lead this team to a championship? Hell yes>>>>>>>>>>

      • Rob L

        Yes he COULD HAVE lead Dubs to championships, so can my grandma and guess what Mark Jackson had 3 years to do so and FAILED cause he sucks at coaching. If he was a good coach he would have gotten another job yet he is still stuck at broadcasting and still talking smack about his old boss and some players, thats classless…

        YES everyone make mistakes, but this prick is a PREACHER and consistently preaches the bible.. Its not like he is young and made mistake, this dude is in his 50s and is a big fake hippocrite.. You know it and I know it.. Please take your blind loyality somewhere else, talk to me using facts..

        Coaching is like game of CHESS. Its the coaches that can have different systems to help win games, just like chess players have different strategies to always win eventhough both sides have same pieces.

      • Curtis Burton

        Rob you are making my point. Tell me one NBA coach that accomplished as much as Mark did and still got fired. Just one!!! You can go back to the entire history of the league if it will help you prove your point. You speak of facts but you quote what you’ve read in the newspapers. Like I said “I know him personally”. I don’t want to keep repeating myself but when he took over that team they were losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said that he had three years. Well woopty doo!! Even the great coaches needed more than three years. Pop needed how many years to build a winner with the Spurs? Mark brought a new attitude and winning culture to that team. As far as getting another job “he will get one I can assure you of that”. BTW leave your grandma out of this. I’m sure she is a nice lady. .

      • Rob L

        Curtis, you realize Mark Jackson didnt turn the team around and that the front office got awesome players through trade, draft pick and free agency to turn a losing Warriors team to a Winner.. Remember Mark jackson had Curry, Thompson, Lee, Monte and still LOST even when Mark Jackson was talking big and promised playoffs in his first year..

        Front office and ownership opened up their wallets and drafted wisely.. Thats how Warriors won, NOT Mark Jackson who promised playoffs and had 23 wins in first year..

        btw if you want to ONLY argue the VAGUE point warriors was bad before mark jackson and got good with mark jackson trying to tie a direct correlation where there are none..

        1. If Mark Jackson was so great of a coach why has he NOT recieved another head coach offer?
        2. why couldnt Mark Jackson even get along with his 2 hand picked assignment coaches who blasted Jackson publicly
        3.Why did Mark jackson Ban owners, and team front office from attending practices?
        4.Why couldnt Mark jackson get along with his all star center and powerforward?
        5.Head Coaching is NOT only about winning, its about getting along with ownership, Front office people making decisions to bring in Great players, Jackson couldnt get along with them at all.. People who paid him and got him good players, instead Jackson banned them from team activities..
        6.Jackson showed his character when he continued to bad mouth Bogut and Lacob while doing TV NBA games from sideline. That shows why he was fired.. For a preacher that lacks maturity and character even more than regular person.
        7.Also he was a fake arss wanna be preacher who sent nude pictures to prostiute while he was married. Jackson himself had to call FBI when prostiute was ransoming his nude pics for money.. LOL Full of integrity and character. YOU THINK BUSINESS OWNERSHIP WANT THAT NEGATIVE image to be head coach for their NBA team and business?

        There are many reasons why Jackson was fired.. None was related to color of his skin like what many defenders believe.. Wake up. Mark Jackson is a pretender…

      • Curtis Burton

        I don’t know you but my Sixth Sense is telling that your a moral moron! He was not out there shooting the ball and playing defense. That is not something that the coach can do. So what your saying is Steve Kerr is such a brilliant coach. If that’s the case then tell me how many other coaches won the NBA championship in their first year? Oh maybe management added a few new players! Oh no there were no new players. .

  7. dubbleus4ever

    What is up with this blog and other blogs that hates on Mjax. Is the rule to love SKerr you have to hate Mjax. Mjax has faults like all coaches but the hatred is stupid. If SKerr doesn’t get the dubs back to the finals next year, what kind of stupid stuff will be posted on blogs about him.

    • Rob L

      Class? Jackson was horrible coach and person. He preached motivational quotes during timeouts instead of drawing up easy plays.. Under Jackson Barnes, Mo Speights had HORRIBLE years in all their stats. AND Mark Jackson a classy preacher who hired and sent prostitutes nude pictures of himself ..And had to call FBI for help after prostitue was asking for too much pay off money.. LOL he lied to his wife and kids and had to call FBI for help because he cheated on his wife with hooker.. LOL CLASSYiii

  8. Jared Sturman

    just solidifies the fact that Jackson was a terrible coach. great preacher, terrible coach.

    • erod434

      I wouldn’t say he’s great preacher either he got caught at a strip club cheating on his wife despite his christian beliefs. That’s as hypocritical as it gets.

      • Jared Sturman

        by preacher I meant he could pump his guys up in certain situations lol. i didn’t mean him preaching at church. i’m talking sports not religion.

    • Rob L

      Mark Jackson a classy preacher who hired and sent prostitutes nude pictures of himself ..And had to call FBI for help after prostitue was asking for too much pay off money.. LOL he lied to his wife and kids and had to call FBI for help because he cheated on his wife with hooker.. LOL CLASSYyyy

      • Jared Sturman

        ahh, so record determines if a coach is good or not. you watch a lot of basketball huh. his two assistants drew up every play on defense and offense. he couldn’t draw up a play to save his life.

      • Brent Bear

        i also hated how mark treated his assistant coaches like garbage. like scal

      • Rob L

        Its obviously Rickey you know nothing about basketball.. Records dont mean shit.. My 15yr son could have coached Mark Jackson warriors and made it to the playoffs.. THE RAW TALENT alone took players to playoffs.. THE COACHING STEVE KERR brought with him won RINGS…

      • Rickey Bussey

        It’s harder to build up a team then it is to get a good team over the hump. Watch if Phil Jackson can rescue the Knicks.

        Mark Jackson took a perennial 20 win team and changed the attitude, played defense, and increased wins every season.

        Yes, that tells me he’s a good coach and I could care less about his off the court thoughts.

      • Rob L

        Rickey you have no clue about basketball and Warriors team history… Go google Mark Jackson’s first year as coach of the Warriors. Mark Jackson record was horrible and thats whey he had Monte Ellis, Curry, Klay David Lee. Mark Jackson did not turn THAT TEAM into 50 game winner.. As Ive said Mark Jackson was a crappy coach.

        Mark Jackson was lucky enough that UPPER management Jerry West traded for Bogut defense anchor and had great Draft pick in Green, Barnes and Ezeli, then signed Iggy, Jarret Jack and Carl Landy..

        MY DOG could coached a talented team Mark Jackson benefited from.. BUT Mark Jackson still couldnt take them to the Western Finals because he is trash..WHY DO YOU THINK HE STILL DIDNT GET A JOB AFTER HE WAS FIRED..

      • Brent Bear

        would you say mike brown is a good coach cuz he had a good record when coaching lebron? nah that was all lebron there. there’s a reason why mark jackson and mike brown don’t have head coaching jobs right now.

  9. Corba Kai

    Jackson would’ve been a total natural on a show like Survivor. You know, someone that excels in all kinds of treachery. I also get the impression Jackson is the kind of guy that would cheat his friends on poker night. ‘Goddamn Reverend, you got 4 of a kind again!?’

  10. davibaby

    Bullshit story, bullshit author. Your story isn’t reporting as much as it’s a hit piece. Fact is, Jackson did more with less. Just tell us how you really feel and don’t hide behind a bullshit story.

    • erod434

      “Jackson did more with less”. Yea if you call losing in the first round and winning 16 less games and having a mediocre offense despite tons of weapons and essential the same team minus Livingston and Barbosa more then having a top 10 all team season Lol. He also would do hockey style substitutions that frequently lost huge leads and barely ever played Green at the PF where the Warriors had their best stats, did not put Harrison Barnes in a place to succeed, AND had several management and players such as Bogut hate him. I do not know how you can honestly support the guy he’s a hypocrite preaching about god and then getting caught cheating on his wife in a strip club. More with less LOL

      • davibaby

        You’re Talking loud and Saying nothing. You’re implying that Jackson had the Exact same personnel, right? All the same pieces and no injuries, right? Is this what you’re implying?? Yeah right. The only thing Jackson didn’t have was ass-kissing lips. Get a clue homie.

      • erod434

        Yea I mention facts and you make BS claims like “Jackson did more with less” and I’m the one “talking loud and not saying anything” LOL you have no evidence for anything your are saying. I think you are the one that needs to “get a clue” I watched 90%+ of Warriors games since the Don Nelson era and Jackson didn’t have the same personnel but he had the same starting 5 and 3 bench players that’s as consistent as it gets in the NBA home.

      • Rob L

        Davibaby you know nothing about basketball.. Jackson never played on champioship team and have no idea what championship mentality is.. Mark Jackson had issues with his own assitant coaches, one he fired and another he demoted.. Front office ask Mark Jackson to hire experienced assistants to help him being he has zero coaching experience, instead Jackson was insecure about his job and hired assitant coaches with little experience..
        Kerr is smart, talks smart and was smart enough to know he needed 70yrs of coaching experience by hiring Alvin Gentry and Ron Adams….NOW THEY CHAMPS..

        BTW Mark Jackson supposely a man of GOD, hired prostiute, sent prostuite nude pictures of himself, lied to his wife and kids and had to call FBI for help when he was being squeezed for money.. LOL loser..

      • Stress Church

        Only reason Ker has one is because of jordan Ker was out and Luke Walton started off better then Kerr the team was set up by Mark that takes vision even the jordan bulls lost with all those great players but they build chemistry learn from losses and try again like all great teams Kerr gets handed a already great team and now he’s the reason they won wow

      • Mike

        He doesn’t have a championship ring either……..

      • Brent Bear

        you see how different speights and barnes played under kerr compared to jackson right? cuz the stats say it all. mark’s idea of running plays for barnes was an iso post up for a player whos not a post up player.

    • Tom Amato

      more with less?????They won the damn championship the year after he left. So for him to do more, he would have had to won the nba champioship in 5 games. He did well with less, he didn’t go more with less. He’s a great motivator, but a terrible x’s and o’s guy. He was also paranoid and a back stabber.

    • Brent Bear

      hahah more with less? you gotta be kidding me. only barbosa and livingston were added. you know nothing about basketball. did you even watch jackson’s offensive schemes? iso ball then force steph to throw across court for a turnover. no movement or nothing. jackson was a good motivator but a terrible at Xs and Os. I appreciate what he did but there’s a reason why no one else has called him for a head coaching job since. he doesnt know what hes doing out there and he has played these mind games with his assistant coaches too. immature and hypocritical. there’s also a reason steph didnt mention him in his mvp speech.

      • davibaby

        First, you know dick about bball.. you excell at grade scholl insults though… Second, your a day late and 5 dollars short.. this blog is how old?? Damn dude. Took u that long to think if something to say? You wear a helmet to make coffee too I bet..

      • Brent Bear

        why do you think bogut made all defensive team? would we have gotten past memphis w/o bogut? hell no? and listen to the mvp speech, no mention of mark jackson at all but he did mention don nelson and his college coach so your point has no merit. # of championships under kerr = 1. # under mark = 0. and know your stuff before talking about class:

        mark did help with chemistry overall but his ability to run a team + coaching staff was lacking. but i can tell this is making you upset so i dont want ruin your day. glad you can be mature about it with your call of duty kid comebacks. <3 you too baby 😉

    • mkb

      Technically, he did do more with less.

      The Ws won straight off talent and “less” off an offensive system (w/ MJ).

  11. Greg Murray

    How do we know it was mjax that lied? I don’t care one way or the other but there is no evidence that jackson was the deceiver.

    • Rob L

      Mark Jackson a classy preacher who hired and sent prostitutes nude pictures of himself ..And had to call FBI for help after prostitue was asking for too much pay off money.. LOL he lied to his wife and kids and had to call FBI for help because he cheated on his wife with hooker.. LOL CLASSY

  12. OKNO

    This story about Ezeli has to be false you even said it yourself it doesn’t make any sense.