Bogut and Mark Jackson

The NBA must consider eliminating this long layoff in the future. Players like Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving are pleased to have so much time to recover from those lingering injuries. However, everybody else is ready to get this series started, especially the Bay Area.

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For now, we can just speculate and hope the players will say something entertaining in practice. Andrew Bogut was asked about Steve Kerr’s willingness to hire experienced assistants to help him in his first year as an NBA head coach. According to Jimmy Durkin of the San Jose Mercury News, Bogut was quick to praise Kerr, but he might have taken a suttle jab at Mark Jackson:

It’s no secret that Bogut and Jackson do not like each other. While they won’t admit it publicly, both of them have taken shots and it does not seem to be ending anytime soon. It all started when Jackson questioned Bogut’s shoulder injury while he was still coaching him with the Warriors and it’s been all downhill from there.

Jackson will be calling the NBA Finals, so he will have plenty of opportunities to take a shot of his own. It’s an unfortunate situation for both parties and they would be better served by moving on and forgetting all about it. The Warriors have bigger things to worry about.

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  1. San Joser

    I’m sorry to hear that Bogut lashed out at MJax. I thought MJax has been more even-keeled with his recent comments of the Warriors, including praising Bogut for his play against Howard and the Rockets.