Klay and Dad

As you already know, Klay Thompson’s father Mychal, played in the NBA as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, the former champion is a game day radio broadcast personality for the Lakers. With the Lakers season ending after 82 games, Mychal has the time to watch Klay and the Warriors pursue an NBA title.

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In tonight’s pivotal Game 5, the Warriors look to take a 3-2 advantage over the physical Grizzlies. This is arguably one of the biggest games in franchise history and Klay wants his dad to be in attendance.

During his radio show on ESPN LA 710, Mychal admitted that he didn’t plan to go to the game, but Klay called him to invite him to Game 5:

I was all set to sit in the couch, but then Klay texted/called me and said:

Klay: you coming to the game

Mychal: why you want me there?

Klay: sure, come on up

Mychal had to leave his radio show a little early to catch his flight to the Bay Area. He had not attended a game all series, so this will be the first time he gets to see his son play against the Grizzlies.

Maybe this will motivate Klay to come out with a strong performance knowing his father will be in attendance. Most sons just want to make their dad proud, so Klay might have something in store for his old man. Mychal has been vocal about wanting to see his son win a championship, and this game is crucial for the Warriors to keep that dream alive.