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As we wait for the 2015 MVP to be announced, many expect the award to go to the best player on the best team. Stephen Curry has been phenomenal and Under Armour couldn’t have chosen a better brand ambassador. With his good guy image and crafty play, his reach has been enormous. Curry has officially put Under Armour on the map.

-== 7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP ==-

Although they had athletes like Brandon Jennings, Kemba Walker, and many more up and coming players, the brand didn’t take off until Stephen Curry  left Nike and laced up the Anatomix Spawns. The snowball began to roll and the brand’s popularity continued to rise. The next shoe was the Clutchfit Drives and now, Curry has received his own basketball shoe, the Curry One.

According to, it looks like we have an idea of what the Curry Two will look like:

These images seem to have come out shockingly early as the Curry Ones were just announced and revealed in early January. The rumors plan for the Curry Two to release on October 24, 2015, just in time for the 2015-16 NBA season. There will be three colorways for the each month until 2015 making nine total color combos. For more information on the Curry Two, Jefferson Santos gives us a rundown at

On top of that news,there have been newly surfacing photos of the Curry Ones in a low-top. It’s not a surprise as we’ve seen the Clutchfits in a higher model (Highlight) and a low-top style too. Last but not least, the Clutchfits will evolve into a new Clutchfit II model.
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