With the end of NBA season approaching, the chase for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award is really heating up. Steph Curry and James Harden seem to be the leading candidates for the prestigious award and both make a strong case.

Both of these players bring it every night and there is no clear cut winner as of yet. Different experts have made their pick and it seems like Curry might have the edge.

Curry’s former coach Mark Jackson weighed in on the debate and surprisingly picked Harden over Curry. According to Ethan Strauss of ESPN, Curry was surprised his coach chose Harden to win the award:

Curry was surprised and that’s probably all he will admit to, but surely it hurt to see his former coach pick Harden to win the MVP. Curry was quick to come to his defense when the rumors started flying around about Jackson being replaced in Golden State, so Jackson’s comments were a surprise to everyone.

While Jackson is entitled to his own opinion, few people know Curry like he does. Although Jackson and the Warriors didn’t have the nicest split, Jackson had great relationships in the locker room.  Curry thinks it’s possible that Jackson might not want to be seen as a “homer”, but he is not going to dwell on it. As Curry said, “It is what it is”.

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  1. mrrickyg

    Jackson is just bitter that Curry is winning and doing well without him.