NBA: Washington Wizards at Golden State Warriors

By: Yama Hazheer

The NBA’s Most Valuable Player race has been taken to extreme heights. From triple-doubles to carrying teams to setting franchise records and more, the competition for the award hasn’t been this close to the National eye in years.

Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LeBron James and more have all been worthy of mentions and even votes when it comes down to it for the award. However, the MVP should go to the player who’s seldom had to play the full length of games because of how quickly he gets the job done.

Maybe the race is close, but in reality…it’s not as close as it may seem. Here are 7 reasons why Stephen Curry should be the 2014-15 NBA Most Valuable Player:

NBA: Washington Wizards at Golden State Warriors

7. He’s Played Nearly Every Game

It seems silly to list this as a reason, but unfortunately it doesn’t go without saying. Russell Westbrook has played in only 58 games this season. LeBron James has played in 63.

Curry has missed two games, one in Denver against the Nuggets and the other in Indiana against the Pacers. Other than that, he’s been playing ball since the summer with FIBA.

James Harden is somewhat similar. He played FIBA in the summer and missed only one game this year. However, the game he missed wasn’t due to rest. He was suspended for kicking LeBron James in the groin. It was dirty and uncalled for.

Nonetheless, kudos to Curry and Harden for staying durable during an intense season.

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