NBA: Washington Wizards at Golden State Warriors

Tonight’s matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Washing Wizards is primed to be a good one. Both teams share outstanding backcourts as the Warriors will get Klay Thompson back on the floor. Keep an eye on his ankle as he is on a 25 minute restriction. The Wizards caught a snag when Beal went out with injury but they’ve slowly gotten back on track. The Dubs are in search of their 6th straight and 57th overall victory before they hit the road for a four game road trip. Curry and Wall went head to head in New York at the All Star game. Be sure to keep an eye on that matchup!

Here’s our instant recap:

1st Quarter

The Warriors got on the board first to start the game, but the Wizards went on a 10-3 run to respond. The Dubs were getting good shots, but they weren’t falling. The Warriors woke up and made a run to tie the game at 10. Steph Curry got hot and they took the lead 17-10. Oracle was loud and electric and the Warriors wee finally in control. The Wizards came back and knocked down a couple of shots an the lead was down to two. Andrew Bogut went into the locker room, but he returned to the bench and Dub Nation could breathe again. The Warriors took a 27-24 lead into the second quarter.

2nd Quarter

Both teams got off to a rough start in the second quarter. Unfortunately for the Warriors, they were horrible offensively and it took them over three minutes to get their first basket. The forgotten Marreese Speights came alive and that is exactly what the Dubs needed. He hit four straight jumpers and Oracle was alive once again. The Warriors had a 38-33 lead, but the Wizards got going offensively as well. The old man Paul Pierce had three quick buckets and the Wizards took a three point lead with four minutes to go. Draymond Green responded with eight points in the final minutes and the Warriors had a 52-49 lead at the break.

3rd Quarter

The Warriors played excellent defense to start the second half. The Wizards failed to score in the first four and half minutes of the third quarter. The Warriors weren’t an offensive juggernaut, but they made enough shots to give them a 10 point lead. The Warriors could have pulled away, but they were having trouble making shots as well. Steph Curry then went off again and the Wizards were abysmal offensively. Curry kept knocking down triples and at one point he hit three in a row, giving the Warriors a 20 point lead. To make matters worse for the Wizards, they could not hit a field goal if their life depended on it. The game was out of control and the Warriors were beginning to coast. This was a three point game at the half and the Warriors were up 81-57 at the end of the third.

4th Quarter

The final period started and all the Warriors had to do was kill the clock while they protect this lead. Well, they didn’t. They kept scoring and the lead grew to 30 after a 9-2 run. The next few minutes would include a lot of missed shots and both teams knew the game was over. It was garbage time and Wizards were trying to make the score respectable. The Wizards almost got it down to 20, but they went on a run to end the game which got the lead close to 30 again.