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In this day and age, technology has taken over our lives. We can’t go too long without checking your phone, iPad, or laptop. For us sports fanatics, we need the up to the minute news and rumors surrounding our favorite team, so having our mobile device within reach is necessary at all times throughout the day.

At times, keeping up with all the social media and stats can be a challenge while you are trying to watch a game. Especially when the Warriors take the floor, you always need to be ready for Steph Curry or Klay Thompson to do something special.

Not to worry, FanKave brings you a platform that combines all the scores, stats and news regarding the Warriors, making it much easier to focus on the Splash Brothers take on the Atlanta Hawks. FanKave is a one stop shop for everything Warriors and they also give you an opportunity to interact with other Dubs fans inside the Warriors World Kave.App Logo

The  “Kave” for tomorrow’s game against Atlanta Hawks will be a popular place to be. The two best teams in the NBA will face off in the dirty South and with the FanKave app you will get a chance to talk to our very own Jordan Ramirez and Rasheed Malek during the game. Tim Kawakami and Marcus Thompson of the San Jose Mercury News have also been guest in the Warriors World Kave, giving you an opportunity to gain some valuable insight.

We also will be giving away Warriors World shirts throughout the course of the game, so please make sure you download the app and look for the Warriors World FanKave.

Here is some more information from FanKave:

The WarriorsWorld Kave inside FanKave

The writers of have teamed up with FanKave and are hosting a Warriors Kave inside the app. Fans of Golden State now have the opportunity to hangout and chat with their favorite WarriorsWorld personalities during games this season. Get the inside scoop on the team with exclusive pictures, pregame talk, tweets, news, and highlight clips- all sent straight into the Kave for ultimate access.

How to Join: Any iPhone user downloading the free FanKave App and selecting Golden State Warriors as a favorite team will be able to access the WarriorsWorld Kave. Exclusive contests and promotions are also run inside the Kave so fans get the opportunity to win WarriorsWorld gear.

Download FanKave and join us the Kave to hang with Rasheed, Jordan, and other special guests. Tim Kawikami and Marcus Thompson from the San Jose Merc have been regular guests and will be making an appearance for tomorrow night’s big game against the Hawks. Download the free app today and we will see you in the Kave!