By: Yama Hazheer

Dunking is a unique craft that many NBA players can do, but only few can master the art in their own unique ways. An electrifying slam dunk is still the most exciting shot in basketball even though the three-point shot has developed a beauty of it’s own.

The Golden State Warriors have had their share of dunking success in the league by a combination of disgusting posterizations and Slam Dunk Contests performances that are deemed legendary to even the most simple of basketball fans.

Here’s a list of some of the guys who have dunked the best in a Warriors uniform:

7. Mickael Pietrus

Pietrus was nicknamed “Air France” for a reason; the guy could flat out dunk. He spent his first five seasons with the Warriors. Aside from making bone-headed plays on occasion, Pietrus was known for his athleticism. Jason Richardson always overshadowed him, but he could dunk in his own right.

Pietrus had tons of lateral quickness and had no regard for human life whenever he attacked the basket. One of his most popular dunks was at home when he dunked on three Toronto Raptors, on one play.

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  1. Butthole Jones

    no doubt Barnes belongs on this list. The dunk contest sucks anyway, HB specializes at banging on defender’s grilles in-game