The Currys

Steph Curry is having the best season of his career and he’s quickly becoming a household name. He’s on track to become a serious contender for the NBA MVP and the Warriors could end up with the number one seed in the West if they can maintain this pace.

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Curry has been receiving a lot of exposure lately and his latest commercial with ESPN is hilarious. He took part in the “This is SportsCenter” commercial with Neil Everett and Stan Verrett and it looks like there is a second video that follows the original.

Since Curry had trouble with the menu in the initial commercial, ESPN decided to have a cooking competition between Steph and Ayesha Curry and she can actually cook. Obviously, it was no contest, but this time it involves their daughter Riley, who is the judge of the cooking competition. She is adorable and funny like her dad and a star in the making.

Check out the Curry family as they have a friendly competition in the kitchen:

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