Birth of Mo Buckets

Few could have predicted after Speights disappointing 2013-14 season he would emerge as a legitimate contender for 6th man of the year. A summer of hard work and a rededicated focus to basketball has found Speights as a legitimate impact player for the 2014-15 Warriors so much so his teammates affectionately call him ‘Mo Buckets’. If there’s a specific performance to when Speight’s emerged for the 2014-15 Warriors it’s November 23rd v. the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder were without Westbrook and Durant and focused on grinding out games in any fashion possible. When Andrew Bogut picked up a knock early, the game turned as ugly as can be. No one on Golden State could buy a shot until Speights’ entered. Speight’s scored 16 of his 28 in the second half and Mo Buckets was born.


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