24 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists. If these numbers were given to a Warriors fan last season they’d assume they were from David Lee or perhaps Stephen Curry. By January 2015, Warrior fans would all assume these were Draymond Green. How much a year can make a difference. Green has gone from fan favorite defensive stalwart to all around difference maker.

No performance resonates louder to date than the Warriors November 5th drubbing of hated southern California foe, the Los Angeles Clippers. And Green led the way, having the Warriors up 75-46 less than 3 minutes into the 3rd when the infamous tongue wagging in Blake Griffin’s face happened. Green had just sunk his 4th and while he denies the tongue was meant for Griffin, Warrior fans prefer to think otherwise. This game exemplified all Draymond Greens tangible and intangible impacts.




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