NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Clippers 100-86. Their second consecutive loss, putting them at 23-5 for the season. After losing to the Lakersa couple of nights ago, the Warriors were coming into this game trying to leave LA with at least one win, but could not get it done.

Draymond Green is the “heartbeat” of the team and he was disappointed with the way the game played out. After the game, Green voiced his frustration, calling the game “too nice”:

The Warriors and Clippers don’t like each other, that’s no secret, which is why Green called the game too nice. Green, a player who feeds off energy and emotion, was bored throughout the course of the game. He took responsibility because he knows he is the one that gets this team going.

On top of not being able to knock down some shots down the stretch, the intensity wasn’t there for this game, which is surprising given the recent history of this match-up. Green was confident the Warriors will turn things around and use this two game losing streak to their advantage.

The game was too nice -Draymond Green #Warriors #WarriorsWorld

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