Perkins on Klay

The biggest story in last night’s win against the Oklahoma City Thunder was Marreese Speights. His 28 point performance helped the Warriors capture the valuable road victory and now they are 10-2 and atop the NBA power rankings.

-== Speights Not A Big Fan Of Kendrick Perkins ==-

After the game, Speights gave credit to Kendrick Perkins for helping him with his outstanding performance. Perkins reportedly kept jawing at Speights during last night’s game and it wasn’t the first time both have exchanged words. Speights wasn’t fazed by Perkins, it only fueled his desire to dominate the game.

Speights didn’t have anything nice to say about Perkins last night. He called his game “trash” and now Perkins has responded. According to Anthony Slater of, Perkins didn’t have anything nice to say either:

Perkins’ response is somewhat expected. As OKC’s enforcer, Perkins assumes the role of the bad guy and must not back down from anyone. However, in this case you can tell that he was bothered by Speights’ comments. For him to bring up Speights’ career and how many teams he’s played for makes him sound like a sore loser.

Perkins does have a championship ring to boast, but he was a small part of that championship team. Speights is playing out of his mind and he could essentially play a similar role for a championship team if he can maintain his level of play.

If we are comparing players based on present statistics, Speights is the clearly the better player and it’s not close. Speights outplayed Perkins last night and it will likely happen again on Thursday, December 18 at Oracle Arena. Surely, both players have circled that date on the calendar.


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