NBA: Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder

3rd Quarter

With Bogut out of the game, Ezeli filled in at the center position. The Warriors played down to the Thunder level and both teams are terribly sloppy to begin the quarter. Golden State remained scoreless until an Ezeli rebound and put back at the 7:31 mark. Without Bogut, the offense has become slowed and choppy. Jackson’s aggressiveness is keeping the Thunder in the game. The Thunder took the lead at 66-65 after Kerr picked up a technical arguing about the physicality and calls. Speights was the lone bright spot for the Warriors’ offense. He finished the quarter with 21 points while Steph and Klay did not register any points.

4th Quarter

The double team on the perimeter has caused trouble for the guards but Draymond continuously found Speights open numerous times for layups. Klay finally scored in the second half off an elbow jumper to fall after a pass from Livingston. A Curry miss, followed by consecutive Klay misses was a perfect analogy for this game. On an Ibaka pump fake, Ezeli fouled out with 4:52 remaining. This second half has been horrendous for the Warriors but they still held the lead. Great defense led to an Iggy transition push. He would go on to finish his circus shot and made the free throw to give the Warriors an 88-82 lead. The Warriors would run into trouble when the Anthony Morrow missed a three but Ibaka finished the play with a dunk.


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