NBA: Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder

The Warriors begin their five game road trip with their first stop in Oklahoma City. The Thunder have been struck with injury but continue to fight. Like the game in which the Thunder kept Houston to below 70 points, the Warriors would also have trouble to put the Thunder away. The Warriors lost Andrew Bogut and Leandro Barbosa; they would lean on Mo Speights’ solid play. In case you missed the game, we have you covered:

1st Quarter

Warriors start the game going 2 for 2 and looked active early on.  The ball movement continues to go well for the Warriors, they look comfortable with one another. Steph Curry to Andrew Bogut alley-oops are becoming a regular thing now and they were able to get one in the first quarter. After the Warriors took a small lead, but both teams would go on a cold streak, they couldn’t find the basket. Curry has been aggressive early on and has been successful. To the Thunder’s credit, they are playing hard and the lead is only eight. Curry leads all scorers with 8 points.

2nd Quarter

The Thunder kept themselves within striking distance with baskets from Sabastian Telfair and Jeremy Lamb. Klay Thompson was able to find Andrew Iguodala with a pretty pass. It’s difficult not to get excited about this Warriors team with that ability to pass the ball. Unfortunately, the Warriors missed a lot of easy shots, which is surprising for a team that is usually locked in. They let the Thunder stick around and it was not pretty to end the quarter. Injuries to Andrew Bogut and Leandro Barbosa hurt the Warriors, but they head to the half with the lead. Boxscore Thunder

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