Barnes Slate jersey

NBA jerseys have changed a lot over the years. Nike and Reebok were at one point exclusive partners with the NBA to make all the official jerseys and apparel, but Adidas holds that title now. The three stripes have done a good job releasing different styles and colors in the last couple of years.

The Warriors have always been one of the first few teams to try out new products. They were the first team to wear sleeved jerseys, although some Warriors were not huge fans. This year, they unveiled the “Slate” jerseys, which look like a black jersey with white logos and numbers.

Initially it was believed they would only wear it a few times this season, but according to Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group, they will be wearing the “Slate” jerseys every time they have a game on Saturday:

The “Slate” jerseys received mixed reviews when they were first revealed. Well, fans better get used to them because they will be seen every time they have a game on Saturday. This probably doesn’t make Steph Curry very happy, he’s not a fan of the sleeved jerseys.

Today will be the first time they wear the “Slate” jerseys when they host the Charlotte Hornets. It’s going to be an interesting game, but the Hornets will likely have to wear a lighter colored jersey because the “Slate” is essentially a black kit.