Comedy Central Roast Of David Hasselhoff - Show

The Golden State Warriors needed a win after losing two games in a row. When the Brooklyn Nets were in town to face the Warriors a couple of days ago, the team took a different approach to get they crowd amped up.

The legendary Hulk Hogan was invited by the team to try and get the fans and players hyped up and ready to beat the Nets. Who doesn’t know the Hulkster? Sounds like a great idea, but the crowd seemed to have little interest in the greatest and most recognizable wrestler of all time.

Hogan did his usual routine with the crowd, but they were not really reacting to it. Check it out for yourself:

You almost feel bad for Hogan after watching that video. For someone who is used to having thousands of screaming fans at arenas across the United States, Oracle must have been one of his toughest crowds.

Center Andrew Bogut is a native of Australia, so he might not have watched much wrestling growing up, but he wasn’t impressed with Hogan:

It was tough to get into Oracle because of traffic. Maybe all the true Hulkamaniacs were on their way to the stadium, it just took them a little longer than expected. Don’t be surprised if we never see Hogan at another Warriors home game again.