Curry Sleeves

NBA sharp shooters are methodical about their shooting mechanics. They spend thousands of hours working tirelessly to perfect their shooting motion. When the NBA introduced sleeved jerseys two seasons ago, it caused quite an uproar. Some NBA players were not happy and Steph Curry was one of them.

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The Warriors were the first team to wear sleeved jerseys in an NBA game, so Curry has had enough experience with this type of jersey. According to Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group, after three years of wearing them occasionally, he still hates the sleeved jerseys:

The Warriors will be wearing sleeved jerseys for the first time this season on Saturday when they face the Charlotte Hornets at home. However, this time they will debuting the slate color kit that was unveiled before the start of the season. Curry is a fan of the slate color, but the sleeves are a deal breaker.

When you play with no sleeves for most of your career, this can be quite an adjustment. Shooters need all the space and flexibility they can get, so the sleeves might constrain their shooting motion. Curry has such a quick release that if anything slows him down, it could cause him to miss some shots.

Luckily, they only have to wear these jerseys a couple of times a year.