Splash Brothers vs Kings

The Splash Brothers got their nickname because of their ability to make it rain from long distance. Not only are they arguably the best back court in the league, but there is now question they are the best shooting backcourt in the NBA today.

-== Steph Curry Acknowledges Turnover Problem ==-

There’s been some talk about who the best three point shooter of all time might be, but there is no definitive answer. One former NBA Champion weighed in on the subject. In a conversation with Al Martin of WKAR, Lindsay Hunter believes Curry and Thompson will be competing for the title of best three point shooter of all time (via: Diamond83)

Hunter got to know Curry and Thompson last season when he was an assistant coach under Mark Jackson. He only spent one season with the Warriors, but that was enough to convince him that the Splash Brothers are special shooters. We all get to see them during the game, but Hunter was able to see it during practice and shoot-around.

Currently, Curry has made 20 three point shots to Thompson’s 18. While Curry has made more shots, Thompson has a better percentage. Curry is shooting 36 percent, which is out of the ordinary. Klay on the other hand is shooting 47 percent. Expect Curry to raise his average in the next couple of games.

Regardless, of who gets the recognition of best 3-pt shooter ever, to have both of them at the same time in their prime of their career is quite remarkable.