NBA: Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets

The game was already a bit of a disappointment before it even started. The Rockets were without Terrence Jones and Patrick Beverly, but Dwight Howard was a late scratch with flu symptoms. While the Rockets were short handed, this could have been a great test for them if both teams were healthy.

Both teams played sloppy and the game was a bit hard to watch. The Rockets were clinging to a small lead for most of the game. It was not until the third quarter that the Warriors finally took over the game. They held the Rockets to 13 points and were able to hold on for the victory.

Check out the tweets of the night:

1. Ice water runs through his veins.

2. You know it E!

3. A monster indeed.

4. Just in case you missed the game.

5. Houston, we have a problem.

6. Only ONE Undefeated team in the NBA.

7. Beating quality opponents.

8. Only Dubs fans understand.

9. Another good test.