Curry Dominates Kings

The biggest obstacle from tonight was whether to watch the San Francisco Giants, the Golden State Warriors, or in some way to watch both. It didn’t matter which thing you chose, both Bay Area teams delivered for the fans. The Giants won another World Series while the Warriors began the season the right foot. The Warriors beat the Kings in Sacramento 95-77, but don’t let the score fool you. The Warriors got off to a slow start, but were able to pick it up in the second half. Steph Curry was dominant tonight, he finished with 24 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, and 5 assists.

Here are the best tweets of the night:

1. We were all ready for the Warriors season to begin!

2. She sounds like a winner, got her priorities right.

3. It was truly unlike them until they woke up.

4. Best backcourt in the NBA.

5. True lover of the game.

6. It usually happens when you’re this good.

7. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the smart thing to bet on them rather than against them.

8. That’s the goal brotha!

9. There will always be love from your Alma Mater.

10. One down, 81 to go.